RG3 Benched; Redskins Made the Correct Decision

After one of the worst performances of RG3’s career against the Buccaneers, RG3 tried to redeem himself versus the San Francisco 49ers. This post will analyse how he played.

Play 1
Situation: 1st and 10 at WSH 17
Description: Q1 – (14:53) (Shotgun) R.Griffin pass short left to D.Jackson pushed ob at WAS 24 for 7 yards (C.Culliver). Caught at WAS 15. 9-yds YAC.
Sideline View

Endzone View

RG3 is in shotgun with four outside WRs in twin stacks on opposite sides. The play is a WR screen pass to Jackson. Grant blocks Culliver on the edge and allows Jackson to gain 7 yards.

This play could have gone to either Roberts on the right side or Jackson on the left side. Based on Culliver playing off-man coverage CBs playing closer to the line on the other side it makes Jackson the better choice.

Play 2
Situation: 2nd and 3 at WSH 24
Description: Q1 – (14:23) R.Griffin sacked at WAS 15 for -9 yards (Ald.Smith).
Sideline View

Endzone View

Sack Alert! RG3 is in offset-I formation with Garcon and Jackson on the outsides. Both of the outside CBs are in man-press coverage. Jackson runs a go-route taking the inside shoulder of his CB, while Garcon runs a curl route. Both of them are covered perfectly. Paulsen runs a seam route and is covered by the ILB.

This is a coverage sack. The offensive line actually does a good job of protecting RG3. McDonald gets good penetration on Chester forcing RG3 to step out of the pocket. By this point Smith gets around rookie LT Moses for the sack.


Play 3
Situation: 3rd and 12 at WSH 15
Description: Q1 – (13:48) (Shotgun) R.Griffin pass incomplete deep left to A.Roberts [J.Smith].
Sideline View

Endzone View

RG3 in shotgun has Jackson and Garcon on the outsides and Roberts in the slot. Jackson and Garcon run go-routes and Roberts runs a skinny post over the middle. SF is in Cover 2 with CBs in man coverage on the WRs. Garcon beats his CB and has potential on the right sideline if RG3 can place the ball. Instead, RG3 sees Roberts over the middle and sails the ball high and behind Roberts.

This is a terrible throw by RG3 that was almost intercepted. The only way this play would work is if he threw the ball low and in front of Roberts since the safety is over the top. Watch RG3’s footwork on this play. RG3 steps back into his throw sensing the pressure through the middle.


Play 4
Situation: 1st and 10 at WSH 43
Description: Q1 – (9:48) R.Griffin up the middle to WAS 40 for -3 yards (M.Wilhoite). Mishandled handoff.
Sideline View

Endzone View

I included this play to show a basic execution error. RG3 collides with FB Young and can’t hand the ball off to Morris from the I-formation. The fault lies with RG3 on this play. He steps too far to the outside on his 2nd step and he loses his handling on the ball after the collision.

Play 5
Situation: 2nd and 13 at WSH 40
Description: Q1 – (9:10) (Shotgun) R.Griffin pass incomplete deep left to D.Jackson (E.Reid). SF-E.Reid was injured during the play. His return is Probable.
Sideline View

Endzone View

RG3 in shotgun has trips left with Jackson, Garcon and Roberts. Jackson and Garcon both run go-routes and Roberts in the slot runs a post-route. Jackson beats Culliver who is in bump-and-run man coverage. RG3 finds him and releases the ball and throws it inside of Jackson where FS Reid makes a play on the ball causing the incompletion.

This is a bad throw by RG3. Jackson is open if the ball is placed closer to the sideline.


Play 6
Situation: 3rd and 13 at WSH 40
Description: Q1 – (9:02) (Shotgun) R.Griffin up the middle to WAS 40 for no gain (J.Smith, C.Borland). Quarterback draw.
Sideline View

Endzone View

The play is a quarterback draw up the middle. Jus. Smith and Ald. Smith run stunts from the left side. Ald. Smith almost gets the tackle for loss, but RG3 uses his elusiveness to avoid the hit but then gets wrapped up by Smith and Borland for no gain.

C Lichtensteiger needs to block out ILB Borland. LG Lauvao’s assignment is to seal the left edge of the running lane and then work up the field to help Lichtensteiger pave a path through the linebackers and secondary. Unfortunately the stunt slows down RG3 enough that he can’t make a gain after his juke.


Play 7
Situation: 3rd and 8 at WSH 26
Description: Q1 – (2:29) (Shotgun) R.Griffin sacked at WAS 19 for -7 yards (R.McDonald).
Sideline View

Endzone View

Sack Alert! Rg3 has trips right and Garcon alone on the left outside. Garcon runs a drag route over the middle while Jackson and Roberts run go-routes. TE Paul in the slot runs a post-route. RG3 is watching Jacksons’ and Roberts’ go routes develop and doesn’t see McDonald until it’s too late. If RG3 had more time Paul was actually wide-open coming across the field on the post-route.

This sack is on C Lichtensteiger. Watch as he attempts to help Lauvao with Ald. Smith after Lauvao gets beaten, but he forgets about his own DT McDonald on the play. RG3 actually plays this correctly and steps up into the collapsing pocket, but doesn’t expect to get hit this easily by McDonald.


Play 8
Situation: 3rd and 7 at WSH 43
Description: Q2 – (13:37) (Shotgun) R.Griffin pass incomplete short right to P.Garcon.
Sideline View

Endzone View

RG3 is in shotgun and has four WRs. Roberts and Garcon are on the right. The two slot receivers run go routes while the outside WRs run hitch routes. Garcon is the pre-snap first read since his CB is in off-man coverage while Jackson’s CB is in press coverage on the line. RG3 delivers the ball innaccurately too high and outside of Garcon so he can’t make a play on the ball. Terrible throw from a simple 1 step drop in shotgun.


Samuel Gold

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