Eddie Lacy Shines in Loss vs. Buffalo – 15 carries, 97 yards, 1 TD

Eddie Lacy faced a tough Bill’s defensive front featuring Mario Williams, Jerry Hughes and Marcell Dareus. In 16 touches, Lacy was able to muster 97 yards and a touchdown. He used hard cutting ability, and explosiveness through the holes provided by his interior offensive lineman. Extra credit goes to Packers’ center Linsley. These plays will breakdown his performance.

Stats – 15 carries, 97 yards (6.5 ypc), 1 TD

Play 1
Situation: 1st and 10 at GB 20
Description: Q1 – (15:00) E.Lacy left tackle to GB 32 for 12 yards (D.Williams, A.Williams).

Lacy is in offset-I formation running an HB Lead Dive between LG71 Sitton and C63 Linsley.


TE81 Quarless is the lead blocker and does a great job of blocking out LB53 Spikes.


Lacy shows his ability to set up his blocks by shifting to the right before he enters the hole to allow Quarless take a better angle at Spikes.


DT99 Dareus has been a run-stopping force for the Bills for years so the pulling of the center to allow LG71 Sitton a running start at the block was a good play design to negate the powerful nose tackle.

C63 Linsley does an excellent job blocking out LB53 Bradham.

Play 2
Situation: 1st and 10 at GB 32
Description: Q1 – (14:34) (Shotgun) E.Lacy left tackle to GB 35 for 3 yards (S.Gilmore, J.Hughes). BUF-S.Gilmore was injured during the play. S.Gilmore walks off.

Lacy in the pistol pro formation runs off-tackle to the left.


Immediately after the handoff, Lacy reads the interior hole between C63 Linsley and RG70 Lang. The hole is closed due to LB53 Bradham’s presence.


Lacy decides to hug the left half of the offensive line seeing SS23 Williams playing outside of his current position.


Lacy takes one step-forward and then realizes that DE55 Hughes has fought his way through the blocking and is too close, so Lacy cuts outside.


From the left outside WR position WR17 Adams trap blocks SS23 Williams. CB24 Gilmore is free to tackle Lacy and brings him down by his feet, but not before Lacy is able to fall foward for an extra yard or two. Give credit to Hughes for busting through the defensive line and Gilmore for bringing down Lacy for the short gain.

The Packers run the same exact play next in Play 3 (below) to no success as well.

In plays 4, 5 and 6, the Packers offensive line combined with Lacy’s explosiveness through the hole gave the Packers three long gains on the ground.

Play 4
Situation: 1st and 10 at GB 20
Description: Q1 – (2:09) E.Lacy right guard to GB 35 for 15 yards (A.Williams, S.Charles).

Lacy in offset-I formation runs a counter lead between LG71 Sitton and C63 Linsley. FB30 Kuhn is the lead blocker.


Lacy take the snap and starts right and then cuts back left through the open hole between the left guard and the center. Kuhn chop blocks LB53 Branham removing him from the play. Lacy then uses his surprising quickness to explode through the hole.


At the 25 yard line, Lacy sees FS27 Williams in deep coverage come up to make the play, but Lacy cuts hard outside left.


Lacy uses his toughness to fight off DT96 Charles from taking him down and then continues to stay on his feet to fight for more yards up the field. Great run by Lacy. It started with great blocking by the offensive line, but Lacy’s suprising quickness and hard cutting ability is what allowed him to scamper for an extra 5 yards on the play after contact.

Play 5
Situation: 1st and 10 at GB 35
Description: Q1 – (1:41) E.Lacy left guard to BUF 48 for 17 yards (D.Williams).

Lacy in offset-I formation runs HB Lead left between LT69 Bakhitari and LG71 Sitton.


C63 Linsley pulls around LG71 Sitton to lead block through the hole on DE55 Hughes.


Lacy again shows his hard cutting and explosiveness through the holes created by the pulling of C63 Linsley. FS27 Williams makes a good diving tackle at the legs of Lacy knowing that if he attempted to take him head on, Lacy would probably overpower him.

Play 6
Situation: 1st and 10 at BUF 48
Description: Q1 – (1:04) E.Lacy right guard to BUF 26 for 22 yards (D.Williams).

Lacy from offset-I formation runs an HB Dive through the hole created by C63 Linsley and RG70 Lang.


I think the original read was to run behind FB30 Kuhn, but since that gap was closed by LB52 Spikes. Lacy chose correctly to cut up inside between the center and the right guard instead.


After Lacy blasts through the hole he sees CB20 Graham break from his block from the blocking of WR87 Nelson. Lacy cuts left to avoid him.


FS27 Williams makes another great open-field tackle to take down Lacy. This play was mainly the result of great blocking by RG70 Lang to seal the right edge of the hole and C63 Linsley on recognizing that the DT was trying to cut underneath him.

Play 8
Situation: 1st and 1 at BUF 1
Description: Q2 – (14:19) Eddie Lacy 1 Yd Run (Mason Crosby Kick)

Lacy in I-formation runs off-tackle to score a Packers touchdown.


Lacy takes the handoff and reads the immediate hole between the center and the left guard, but decides not to take it, because he sees LB52 Spikes approaching the hole.


This and play 10 (below) are my only criticisms of Lacy all day against Buffalo. You have one yard to gain, and there is an open hole. Lacy has the power that he can muster one yard against Spikes for the touchdown. In my opinion, he chooses the wrong hole. Fortunately, Lacy still scores on the play, but it’s by getting pushed through a pile of blockers and not through the “easy” path.

Play 10
Situation: 2nd and 10 at GB 25
Description: Q2 – (4:15) E.Lacy right tackle to GB 26 for 1 yard (D.Williams, C.Bryant).

Lacy in singleback formation runs an HB dive between RG70 Lang and C63 Linsley.

As I said in the previous play, I don’t like Lacy’s decision in this play as well. There is a bus-sized hole provided by C63 Linsley and RG70 Lang, yet Lacy decides not to take it in favor of dancing/stutter-stepping behind the line of scrimmage. This should have easily been a 5-6 yard gain on the play with Lacy’s power, but he chooses incorrectly and the Packers only gain one yard. What a shame.

Buffalo’s defensive line did a great job stuffing the run in plays 3 (above), 7, 9, and 15.

Play 7 – Shotgun formation, RB Dive between C and RG, DT99 Darues with run stop

Play 9 – Offset I-formation, RB Dive between LG and C, DT96 Charles with run stop

Play 15 – Shogun formation, RB Dive between LG and C, DT99 Dareus with run stop

Overall, Lacy had a very strong performance coupled with the great run blocking by C63 Linsley. The Packers definitely drafted a player that should be successful for years to come if he can minimize Play 10’s indecisiveness.

Samuel Gold

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