Week 16’s Longest Runs – Kaepernick, Hill, Lynch, Todman, Gore

Week 16 featured some incredible plays on the ground. I wanted to analyze how these plays were produced. This post will break down the runs by Kaepernick, Hill, Lynch, Todman, and Gore.

Play 1
Situation: 2nd and 3 at PHI 40
Description: Q3 – (2:40) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick scrambles right end for 90 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Penalty on SD-M.Gilchrist, Illegal Contact, declined. P.Dawson extra point is GOOD, Center-K.Nelson, Holder-A.Lee.
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Endzone View

Offensive Formation: Pistol Twins Right
Offensive Grouping: 12
Defensive Formation: Cover 1, man-to-man coverage on WRs and TEs


Kaepernick goes through his reads starting on the right side of the field watching TE45 Cleveland running a hitch route. Cleveland gets pushed to the ground illegally by SS38 Gilchrist since this contact was 5 yards past the line of scrimmage.


DT98 Lissemore throws C66 Martin out of the way on a bull-jerk from the 1-tech position. Kaepernick scrambles around him through the open hole between the center and the right guard.


Kaepernick then runs out of the pocket looking downfield setting up his running lanes.


Finally, FS32 Weddle is directly in front of Kaepernick attempting to make the open field tackle, but Kaepernick jukes him to the right completely avoiding the tackle.


As you can see, this play was the product of great running ability by Kaepernick with his juke move on Weddle and good downfield blocking by TE85 Davis who set the edge after Kaepernick decided to scramble.

Play 2
Situation: 2nd and 3 at PHI 40
Description: Q1 – (10:25) (Shotgun) J.Hill right tackle for 85 yards, TOUCHDOWN. M.Nugent extra point is GOOD, Center-C.Harris, Holder-K.Huber.
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Endzone View

Offensive Formation: Shotgun
Offensive Grouping: 11
Defensive Formation: Cover 2 with two underneath zones and man-to-man coverage on the outside

Here is the blocking scheme breakdown on this Off-tacke Lead Pull run.


Hill takes the handoff and follows LT77 Whitmorth and LG65 Boling up the right side of the formation.


Hill finds the C-gap between RT73 Winston and TE84 Gresham, but it is filled by LB51 Davis. Hill sees Davis just in time and bounces his run outside of the formation nearly getting tackled.


Hill uses his left arm to swipe away FS26 Moore’s attempted tackle while WR19 Tate does an excellent job sealing the right edge of the running lane from CB21 Talib.


Hill weaves back and forth to set up blocking down the field to score on this 85 yard touchdown run.


As you can see, Hill does an excellent job setting up his blocks and using his vision to find open running lanes. LB51 Davis almost shutdown the play, but due to Hill’s surprising quickness he was able to shed the tackle. Credit to the downfield blocking by the Bengals here.

Play 3
Situation: 2nd and 3 at PHI 40
Description: Q4 – (10:30) M.Lynch up the middle for 79 yards, TOUCHDOWN. S.Hauschka extra point is GOOD, Center-C.Gresham, Holder-J.Ryan.
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Endzone View

Formation: Singleback Ace
Offensive Grouping: 12
Defensive Formation: Cover 1, two underneath zones and 2 CBs in man-to-man coverage

Here is the blocking scheme. The play call is a Trap Lead run to the left.


Lynch takes the handoff and reads the A-gap hole between the right guard and the center, but DE93 Campbell is present. Lynch runs outside following the pulling left guard.


Lynch barrels his way through the hole created by TE82 Wilson and TE84 Helfet. Lynch sees that FS26 Johnson is directly in front of him so he bounches his run to the right, but not before collecting his first missed tackle by LB56 Carson. Carson gets drawn inside the play due to Lynch’s cutting in the backfield.


Lynch uses his power to hold off CB21 Peterson from taking him down while WR83 Lockette removes FS26 Johnson from the play. Lockette might have been called for a block in the back penalty if he fully pushed Johnson out of the play. Instead, Lynch gets the credit for that.


Somehow, Lynch stays in bounds and runs up the field for the touchdown.


Watch WR83 Lockette on the play. His goal is to trap block FS26 Johnson, but Johnson avoids the block in the center of the field. Lockette then redeems himself and hustles down the field after Lynch to help him block downfield. Amazing effort by Lockette. Even after Lockette helps clear Johnson by the sideline, he sprints upfield again to protect Lynch right before the endzone. Incredible.

In this play, Lynch avoided multiple tackles and was able to use his balance and power to run for this long touchdown.

Play 4
Situation: 2nd and 3 at PHI 40
Description: Q4 – (9:24) J.Todman up the middle for 62 yards, TOUCHDOWN. J.Scobee extra point is GOOD, Center-C.Tinker, Holder-B.Anger.
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Endzone View

Formation: Offset-I Slot Left
Offensive Grouping: 21
Defensive Formation: Cover 1, two underneath zones and 2 CBs in man-to-man coverage

Here is the blocking scheme broken down. The run is a counter fake-end around.


Todman takes the handoff while WR11 Lee runs around the bottom of the play drawing two defensive lineman up the field.


This gives Todman a hole to cut through where he sees LB59 Woodyard take an angled approach to tackle him. Todman explodes upfield avoiding the tackle.

Watch DE90 Jones throw RT74 Bradfield out of the play. Todman is lucky Jones misread the play and didn’t finish him off before he could make it outside.


Todman quickly jukes around FS33 Griffin and cuts back outside.


Finally, SS21 Wilson attempts a tackle but Todman uses a stiff arm to keep Wilson away to breakaway for the 62 yard score.


This is the second most impressive run of the week. Todman’s quick cuts combined with an excellent play design with the fake end-around create the running lanes. Todman’s explosiveness needs to be used more by the Jaguars.

Play 5
Situation: 2nd and 3 at PHI 40
Description: Q1 – (13:22) F.Gore right tackle for 52 yards, TOUCHDOWN. P.Dawson extra point is GOOD, Center-K.Nelson, Holder-A.Lee.
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Endzone View

Formation: Offset-I
Offensive Grouping: 21
Defensive Formation: Cover 2 with four underneath zones.


Here is the blocking scheme broken down. This is a Power Fullback Lead since the left guard pulls around the formation to lead block for Gore.


Gore takes the handoff and immediately reads the center and the right guard. LB50 Te’o seals the B-gap between the RG and RT, so Gore runs outside.


Next, Gore reads his lead blockers and cuts inside to avoid LB53 Conner who has the edge. Meanwhile WR81 Boldin trap blocks SS38 Gilchrist out of the play giving Gore a clean running lane.


Gore uses force and his stiff arm to shed three tackles, while WR11 Patton runs across the screen to help block downfield.


This is probably my favorite part of this play. Patton starts pushing FS32 Weddle out of the play and then realizes it’s a block in the back if he continues so he stops.


Gore uses his cutting ability to allow Patton to reset and fully block Weddle before he can make his way into the endzone.


Excellent downfield blocking by LT74 Staley on DE94 Liuget.

Overall, the blocking was excellent and the play design of the above plays worked to perfection to free the runners. Great individual effort overall combined with downfield blocking by the respective teams made these plays happen.

Samuel Gold

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