LeGarrette Blount vs Colts – 30 carries, 148 yards, 3 TD’s

It was a rocky start to 2014 for LeGarrette Blount, splitting carries in Pittsburgh and eventually losing his role all together. But before his falling out in Pittsburgh, Blount had a breakout 2013 NFL Playoffs with the Patriots and as soon as Blount became a free agent, they snatched him up.

This article is just as much about the Offensive Line as it is about Blount, as we take a look at the Personnel and schemes that helped the Patriots dominate the Colts on their way to the Super Bowl. LeGarrette Blount posses raw power in his running style, a 250 pound back, he will run through you. But the vision and agility is what seems to jump off the page in this game. Let’s take a look.

Play 1: 2nd & 5. 21. 11:49 1st.

Offensive Personnel: 11 XL

Run scheme: Power


Here the Patriots run a traditional “Power” play. The RG pulls to lead the RB through the hole, while the rest of the OL downblocks, with a few exceptions. Since the Patriots are in XL Personnel, they have an extra offensive lineman playing on the left side, almost as an extra TE. This strategy turns out to be very useful in the running game vs. the Colts. LB50 for the Colts actually does an excellent job here crashing on the blitz and meeting the pulling Guard in the backfield. But Blount does a better job. As the collision occurs, Blount makes a nice jump cut to avoid contact. Then he makes the over-pursuing WLB miss by quickly flipping his hips and getting straight up the field. The play results in a gain of 8.

Play 2: 1st & 10. -41. 13:19 2nd.

Personnel: 12

Run Scheme: Outside Zone


The Patriots are in a more traditional 2 TE set on this play, and overload to the boundary. On this play, the Patriots show their ability to zone block, on a zone play it is Blount’s job to take the open hole once he sees it, there is no set designation. The Patriots OL does a very nice job of getting out of their stance and getting to the second level. But, the Colts Edge Defender (#93) does a great job here squeezing down the running lane and not giving Blount many options. Now on outside zone plays, it is the backside LB/DE’s responsibility to close down any cutback lane the RB may have and to make the tackle. On this play, Blount feels the DE over pursuing him. Blount makes an almost amazing stop on a dime cut and completely changes directions while the DE is left in the dust. Amazing for a man who weighs 250 lbs. Once in the open field, Blount makes 2 more defenders miss with another juke move, incredible agility in the open field, and then finishes the run off for a gain of 10.

Play 3: 1st & 10. 49. 12:31 2nd.

Personnel: 12

Run scheme: Iso


On this play, the Patriots are once again in a 2 TE set but it is a balanced formation. On this play the Patriots run an Iso, where the LG and C double team the Nose, while the LT works up to the second level and into the LB’s. On this play, LG63 does a really nice job of getting to the shoulder of the Nose and then turning his hips to seal the running lane for Blount. Once Blount sees the hole, he jump cuts and get right up field and then throws off a weak arm tackle and gaining 8 on the play.

Play 4: 3rd & 1. 28. 10:02 2nd.

Personnel: 21 XL

Run scheme: Outside Zone


It’s 3rd down and the Patriots just need 1 yard to continue their drive. They come out in a 21 XL formation, an extra lineman with a FB and TE. They run an outside zone again on this play, but the Colts DL is cutting so it doesn’t allow many of the Patriots OL to get to the second level. The key to this play is the FB, he is there to kick out the DE and free up Blount, which he does not. The DE does a great job of “spilling” the ball, and shutting down any hole that Blount had. What makes this play so impressive is that once Blount bounces off the defender, he has 2 tacklers closing in on him, he makes both miss by quickly getting up field, and he carries a LB with him for a first down.

Play 5: 2nd & 5. 46. 2:54 2nd.

Personnel: 12

Run scheme: Outside Zone


Once again the Patriots are running an outside zone. The OL does a nice job getting outside, but the Colts LB’s do a better job of recognizing the play and scraping over the top and shutting down the hole. The Colts backside DT is left unblocked on this play just for a second, and he doesn’t even see the cut-block coming once Blount cuts back. This play appears to be a designed cutback in my mind, due to Gronkowski not stretch blocking but instead hooking the backside DE and driving him with the stretch action, leaving the field wide open for the cutback. Once Blount decides to cut back, he narrowly misses the falling DT by momentarily jump cutting before making a move on the SS who is closing down the backside to free himself up for a gain of 8.

Play 6: 1st & 10. 38. 2:15 2nd.

Personnel: 21

Run scheme: Dive


On this play the Patriots are running a traditional Dive play, with the FB leading Blount through the hole. The RG does a nice job of getting up to the second level to block the WLB, while the FB takes the MLB. The Patriots blocking is perfect on this play. Blount does a nice job of getting downhill right away, which is easier said than done, and splitting his two blockers before being brought down by the safeties after a gain of 9.

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