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Scouting Report: Kevin White, WR, West Virginia


That’s not to say it’s all bad, White still shows some skill in route running, particularly on routes turning back to the QB and the vertical. Although inconsistent, the framework is there for a better route runner.

When they’re better, he’s a lot more open and able to use his long range speed to it’s fullest advantage. However, they aren’t better all that often and even when they are better they aren’t particularly good. White could improve on his route running by learning how to use full body fakes instead of just lower body ones, especially if he wants to be an elite WR in the NFL. Luckily for White, his best two routes really work well in tandem to create a consistently frustrating experience for his opponent.

His ability to sell the hitch is very much helped by his vertical skill, but he’s very smart on his hitch routes and always sells them well with a strong bend in the back and a quick break. If he could reduce the number of steps he takes on these breaks (and also¬†on his Curls/Comebacks) his entire route tree would be so much stronger. Notice the last play where he only takes two steps to make his break and how much more that allows him to get after the catch.

Open Field Ability

White’s open field skills are mainly rooted in his balance, power, and long distance¬†speed. It’s important to distinguish that speed difference because White doesn’t display a lot of short area quickness or burst to make it believable that he’ll be dodging defenders.

White’s game would be immensely helped by a good stiff arm, given his power, balance, and length. Instead, White’s stiff arms are poorly timed resulting in him either catching the player or leaving it out there for them to react to it.

White just doesn’t seem like a player who’s ever going to really be a big YAC type of player to me. One issue that I see on tape is that White doesn’t realize his own limitation in the open field and will try to make players miss instead of using his speed or power.

When White tries to put a shake or move on a defender it just doesn’t feel natural or right and in all the games I watched, I can’t point out a situation where it actually worked. On top of that, despite his balance in absorbing hits- he doesn’t display that same balance when he’s trying to put a move on a defender.

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