Scouting Report: Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Oklahoma

Along with being named the National High School Player of the Year, Dorial Green-Beckham was a 5 star recruit coming out of Hillcrest High School widely considered to be not only the top wide receiver but the top overall recruit in 2012. Fielding offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, he ultimately decided to stay close to home by playing for Missouri. After a college career marred by off-the-field issues, although immensely talented, he was dismissed by the Missouri football team in 2014. Green-Beckham enters the draft as the biggest boom or bust receiver prospect with enough talent to be drafted in the top 10 and enough character concerns to be taken off teams’ draft boards completely.

College Career Overview

In 2012 as a true freshman, Green-Beckham caught 28 passes for 395 yards and 5 touchdowns. Although he was suspended one game due to a marijuana arrest, he came on strong towards the end of the year catching 21 of his 28 passes, 267 of his 396 yards and 4 of his 5 touchdowns in the final 5 games. In the 2013 season, Green-Beckham flashed rare athletic ability as he caught a team-high 59 passes for 883 yards and 12 touchdowns in 14 starts while earning All-SEC 2nd team honors. After showing promise his first two years, 2014 was supposed to be the year in which he solidified his status as an elite receiver and a potential top 10 pick. However, Green-Beckham was dismissed from the Missouri football team for a second marijuana arrest and a domestic violence incident in which he allegedly shoved a female student down several stairs. Deciding to transfer to the University of Oklahoma, Green-Beckham’s appeal to play the 2014 season was rejected by the NCAA and he was forced to sit out the season. Forgoing his senior year to enter the NFL Draft, Green-Beckham is a unique physical specimen with freakish athleticism and would be a potential top 10 pick if not for his character concerns.


DOB April 12, 1993 Bench (225 lbs.) 13
Height 6’5-1/8″ Vertical Jump 33-1/2″
Weight 237 lbs. Broad Jump 9’11″
Arms 32-1/2″ 20 Yard Shuttle 4.45 sec
Hands 9″ 3 Cone Drill 6.89 sec
40 Yard Dash (10 yd split) 4.49 sec (1.61 sec) 60 Yard Shuttle 11.89 sec


Stats and Awards

University of Missouri (2013) 59 Rec, 883 Yards, 15.0 YPC, 12 TDs 2013 Second Team All-SEC
University of Missouri (2012) 28 Rec, 395 Yards, 14.1 YPC, 5 TDs 2012 CFN All-Freshman Honorable Mention

Scouting Report

  • Incredible combination of size, speed, and athleticism
  • Consistently shows the ability to leap above his defender to high-point the catch
  • Very smooth and fluid athlete for his size
  • Shows good body control with ability to make athletic catches
  • Has the overall “wow” factor that most elite receivers possess
  • Eats up the DB’s cushion in a hurry and has the long speed to beat coverage downfield
  • Huge catch radius even when defenders are draped all over him
  • Uses his body well to box out defenders for contested catches
  • Can challenge a defense in the short, deep and red-zone areas of the field but needs refinement in intermediate routes
  • Good open field vision with tackle breaking ability although with little to no open field moves
  • Uses hands well to fight off DBs in press and in creating space for catches
  • Needs to work on releasing off press as he saw very little press coverage in college
  • Ran a very limited route tree but does show some potential as he is smooth in and out of his breaks
  • Shows ability and willingness to not just block but to drive defenders however consistency is needed in this area
  • Doesn’t consistently catch the ball with outstretched hands and often lets the ball come into his body to control it
  • Has concentration lapses where he quits on plays or doesn’t give full effort

Film Study

Dorial Green-Beckham flashes the traits of an elite receiver having all the physical tools necessary. He is not a complete receiver yet but does show potential to improve and needs to work on putting forth a consistent effort on the field. Although, having only watched his 2013 games as he had to sit out the 2014 season, there is no reason to suggest he has regressed as reports indicate that he dominated Oklahoma practices. The five games watched of the 2013 season are as follows:

  • 9/21/13 @ Indiana
  • 11/9/13 @ Kentucky
  • 11/23/13 @ Ole Miss
  • 11/30/13 vs. Texas A&M
  • 12/7/13 @ Auburn

Contested Catches

Watching his games, what immediately jumps out at you is his rare blend of size, speed and athleticism. He is every bit the 6’5” 237 lbs he is listed as and uses it well. Although still a bit raw as a prospect, his ability to win at the catch point and his usage of his body to come down with contested catches will immediately translate into the NFL. This allows for him to be able to get away with not being as technically proficient as some other wide receiver prospects.

In the play below, Green-Beckham sets up the fade route by faking an inside move since the DB is playing about 5 yards off of the line of scrimmage. Due to the cushion the DB is forced to honor the slant and once he does this, Green-Beckham accelerates past him to the outside shoulder. The DB abandons his backpedal to recover thus turning his back to the QB which allows the fade to be thrown over his head. Even though the DB is right there he never sees it coming and by the time he gets his head turned around it is already too late as Green-Beckham has already high pointed the ball.

In this play, you’ll see that the weak side CB is coming on a blitz and the safety is going to rotate onto Green-Beckham. He sells the hitch, accelerates past the safety and again forces the defender’s back to be turned to the QB. Even though the ball is underthrown, Green-Beckham makes a great adjustment displaying his huge catch radius.

Now here, Green-Beckham doesn’t do enough to sell the inside move and so the DB never really gets his back turned to the QB. A little bit of hand fighting ensues. The DB actually plays this pretty well. The difference is that Green-Beckham, at the last possible moment, is able to turn and use his body to shield the DB away from the ball. He keeps his arms outstretched to further increase his length advantage to secure the catch.

Similar situation here as Green-Beckham doesn’t challenge the DB enough with the threat of a vertical route, thus the DB never gets out of his backpedal who is able to keep everything in front of him. Doesn’t matter though, Green-Beckham again uses his body to shield the pass away from the defender for the catch. However, he doesn’t do as good of a job catching the ball away from his body but more on that later.

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