Scouting Report: Landon Collins, SS, Alabama

Having played running back and defensive back, Landon Collins was a five-star recruit coming out of Dutchtown High School. A standout athlete in both track and football, Collins was also named a high school All-American in 2011. He was recruited by nearly every major school but ultimately chose to play for the Crimson Tide where he would go on to win a BCS National Championship. He enters the 2015 NFL draft as the top-rated safety in the class and is projected to go in the first round.

College Career Overview

Contributing mainly as a backup his true freshman year, Collins got his chance when starter Vinnie Sunseri suffered a season ending injury his sophomore year. He recorded 70 tackles, 2 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles and 6 pass defenses as well as making the 2013 All-SEC 2nd Team. Returning for his junior year, he led the team with 103 tackles, to go along with 3 interceptions, 1 forced fumble and 7 pass defenses while being named an All-American. A forceful tackler, Collins will provide the team that drafts him an intimidating presence in the secondary.


DOB May 24, 1993 Bench (225 lbs.) N/A
Height 6’0″ Vertical Jump 35”
Weight 228 lbs. Broad Jump 10’
Arms 31-1/2″ 20 Yard Shuttle 4.33 sec
Hands 9-3/8″ 3 Cone Drill 7.38 sec
40 Yard Dash (10 yd. split) 4.53 sec (1.58 sec) 60 Yard Shuttle 11.94 sec


Stats and Awards

University of Alabama (2014) 103 Tackles, 4.5 TFL, 3 INTs, 1 FF, 7 PD 2014 All-American

2014 SEC Champion

University of Alabama (2013) 70 Tackles, 4 TFL, 2 INTs (1 TD), 2 FF, 6 PD 2013 All-SEC 2nd Team
University of Alabama (2012) 17 Tackles 2013 BCS National Champion

2012 SEC Champion


Scouting Report

  • Played free safety, strong safety, and nickel linebacker
  • Very instinctive when playing downhill
  • Great in run support; setting the edge to help divert runs back towards pursuit
  • Operates well in zone coverage especially in underneath curl/flat zones
  • Has a nose for the ball and comes up with splash plays
  • Not comfortable matched up in man coverage
  • Leads with the shoulder too often and needs to wrap-up more when tackling
  • Below average hands; dropped easy interceptions
  • Doesn’t possess great speed and may be playing a little above optimal weight
  • Will be able to contribute on special teams

Film Study

Courtesy of Draft Breakdown, this scouting report consists of the games listed below and represents his 4th, 6th, and 10th games of the 2014 season:

  • 9/20/14 vs. Florida
  • 10/11/14 vs. Arkansas
  • 11/15/14 vs. Mississippi State

Run Support

Whether it’s tracking a running back and meeting him in the hole, setting the edge to divert the run back towards the pursuit or simply not allowing the running back to get to the outside, Collins is definitely comfortable when playing downhill.

Collins does a great job of tracking the running back here as there’s no room to run on the inside. He stays patient and meets the back in the alley once he tries to bounce it.


On what looks to be a designed blitz, he’s not fooled on the option and chases down the ball carrier from the backside.


The C gap collapses and the running back is forced to try to bounce it to the outside. Collins doesn’t allow him to get vertical and forces him out of bounds.


The following plays show his ability to set the edge. In both incidences the offense is running a toss and Collins forces the action back towards the pursuit of his teammates. Even though the ball carrier rips off a big gain in the first example, Collins did a great job of keeping contain. It’s actually his teammate (#33) who over pursues and fails to make the play.


It’s not just in run support that he displays his downhill ability, he really is at his best when he is able to read and diagnose the play in front of him.


It’s 3rd and 7, Collins is the nickel linebacker and has the tight end man-to-man. The pocket collapses and for a moment it looks like the quarterback might have the first down. That is until Collins, displaying great awareness, comes off his man to make the tackle short of the first.


Again as the nickel linebacker, Collins has a curl/flat responsibility and meets the tight end in his zone. The pocket collapses and the quarterback rolls out to his right. You’ll notice that Collins tracks this movement and actually turns his head around to look for work. He finds a receiver coming across the middle and breaks up the pass.


This play had a possibility of being a first down if not for Collins.


Here is a variation of one of Jon Gruden’s favorite plays, Z motion spider 2 Z banana. The Z receiver motions across the formation and runs a corner/flag route. Off the play action fake, the halfback should be open in the flat but Collins shuts it down for a minimal gain.


In fact, Collins consistently displays great awareness when defending the flat even if he is up in a deep cover 2 alignment.

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