Bryce Petty Preseason Week 2 vs Atlanta Falcons Cover

Bryce Petty’s Second Preseason Game Against the Atlanta Falcons

1st and 10 at NYJ 41 (13:12) B.Petty pass short left to Z.Stacy to NYJ 46 for 5 yards (J.Mbu).

2nd and 5 at NYJ 46 (12:34) (Shotgun) B.Petty sacked at NYJ 44 for -2 yards.

Jets are in a 1×1 I formation set. Falcons are showing cover-3 with the manned CB now on the top side.

Jets are again doing another rollout for Bryce Petty with level reads, one crossing wide receiver that’s way out of frame once the play starts (lined up at the bottom of the screen at the start) and a flat receiver. This is a weird decision by Petty on two ends, first he doesn’t take the flat throw, although it’s not going to get much it’s an almost certain catch. It’s reasonable he’d decide not to take it, freeze-framing this play at the point where Petty is going to realistically take this throw he has a wide open running lane in front him that’s nearly guaranteed to get more yards.

Petty takes that running lane, but then instead decides to go out of bounds without a single defender anywhere near him. Look at the frame below to see how many more yards he could’ve potentially gotten out of this if he had just gone up and choose to slide. Ends up being a loss.

Bryce Petty Throw vs Atlanta Falcons 3

3rd and 7 at NYJ 44 (11:56) (Shotgun) B.Petty pass short middle to Z.Stacy to NYJ 46 for 2 yards (D.Akunne).

3rd and 12 at ATL 48 (5:14) (Shotgun) B.Petty pass short middle to W.Saxton to ATL 33 for 15 yards (R.Therezie).

Jets are in a 2×3 set shotgun empty set. Falcons are showing a sort of disguised coverage with the safeties in a cover-2 shell but not far enough to sell it. This is sitting between cover-1 and cover-3 on the pre-snap, but right when Jets are about to snap the ball the corners bail giving away the cover-3.

This is Bryce Petty’s first real big boy throw in the NFL. Petty drops back without looking down the middle (bad) and starts reading the right side, showing complete certainty in where he’s going here. Wes Saxton, the receiver on this play, likely has an option route where he either sits on the hash or takes a post route depending on whether it’s a cover-2 or not. Since it’s not a cover-2, he’s taking the hash. Petty, upon hitting his backstep, steps forward and enters his throwing motion just as Saxton enters his break. Putting the ball right where it should go in perfect time as the safety hits Saxton just after he catches the ball.

1st and 10 at ATL 33 (4:36) (Shotgun) B.Petty pass short right to S.Maneri to ATL 18 for 15 yards (J.Mincy; R.Therezie).

Jets are in a 1×1 shotgun set. Falcons are showing a cover-1 man shell but when the safeties rotate due to motion, that’s a big tell that it’s cover-3.

Another play action rollout, this is a really poor sell by Petty, he already looks like he’s getting ready to sprint out of there before even extending the ball.

Jets again run a levels read with one receiver cut blocking before releasing and the other going deeper down the field. For the first time, the flat defender decides to take on the shorter route giving Petty a chance to throw to the deeper receiver. It’s a good throw, and although it’s behind the receiver that’s purposely done to give the flat defender no chance on getting a hand on this.

1st and 10 at ATL 18 (3:59) B.Petty pass short right to T.Graham to ATL 8 for 10 yards (D.Southward; S.Baker).

Jets are in a 2×1 I formation set. Falcons are showing another cover-3 on the pre-snap.

This looks more like an implied play-action as the Jets have a pulling guard which is a big sell. After ending his drop (some might say it’s a bit short, but it looks like he’s staying within the tackles depth purposely instead of trying to sync with the WR), Petty then throws another well timed pass on a curl route entering his throwing motion just as the WR enters his break.

1st and 8 at ATL 8 (3:16) B.Petty pass short right to Z.Stacy to ATL 5 for 3 yards (J.Bartu). PENALTY on NYJ-B.Qvale, Ineligible Downfield Pass, 5 yards, enforced at ATL 8 – No Play.

1st and 13 at ATL 13 (2:51) DeVier Posey Pass From Bryce Petty for 13 yards. TOUCHDOWN.

Jets are in a 2×1 shotgun set. Falcons are showing another cover-3 shell.

This is another play where Petty looks finicky and overexcited and nervous and all these other things that show a lack of control- but yet is still playing this very intelligently. In a previous redzone attempt, Petty’s erratic footwork showed that he was already losing control, here his footwork again is bouncing too quickly showing that he’s not exactly composed on this play. By the way he makes his decisions here, it’s likely excitement.

On the snap, Petty sees what he’s expecting, the Cover-3 corner has gone deep with his man while the LB has gone into the flat. This is now a vertical stretch with an out route and a flat and that LB being the decisive factor. Petty doesn’t want the flat, he wants that out route and he’s adamant about it here. Taking his dropback, he checks the middle and then reads over to DeVier Posey’s out, seeing the LB flying over to that side. He can’t throw it to Posey right then or else the LB might cut the throw (plus Posey hasn’t gotten enough separation for this throw to even be safe at that point) but Petty’s look over to the flat defender pulls the LB even further to that side, taking him completely out of the throwing lane. You can tell that Petty had no intention to throw it there based simply on immediately turning away after looking there.

Finally, Petty throws it at Posey and it’s almost perfect. It’s a very high pass that requires an athletic catch from Posey and it’s where Petty’s wide stance and overexcitement to get this throw shows the most (last week against the Lions a similar result occurred on a corner route that Petty read on the pre-snap, but overexcitement caused an overthrow), but all the mental components of this throw are on point. Bryce is throwing the ball high and away from the CB, giving him no chance of making any play on this ball and putting it all on either Posey making a catch or letting it go incomplete. That’s NFL stuff right there.

1st and 10 at NYJ 19 (10:07) (Shotgun) B.Petty pass incomplete short left to S.Hakim.

1st and 10 at NYJ 20 (6:23) B.Petty pass incomplete deep left to S.Hakim.

Jets are in a 2×0 I formation set with two receivers right next to each other. Falcons are showing their cover-3.

Another playaction, a good sell this time, and Petty’s looking at the the double receivers on the left side. Making an assumption, one of them is running a straight vertical and the other is running a fake post (you can see Hakim, the target, start to come underneath the vertical receiver and veer inside) before coming back outside. Petty’s just not on for this play, it looks like his stance might have been a bit too wide as he took this throw but because of how unique this kind of formation is, it might really just be a chemistry issue.

2nd and 10 at NYJ 20 (6:17) (Shotgun) B.Petty pass deep right to S.Hakim to ATL 34 for 46 yards (N.Stupar).

Jets are in a 2×1 shotgun set. Falcons are showing cover-1 man on the pre-snap but switch over into a cover-3 on the post.

Petty looks down the field as he drops up until he hits his backfoot. What he’s reading here is almost definitely the safety, the Jets have two deep routes (a deep cross from the slot receiver and Hakim’s vertical) and he’s looking at which of the two the safety decides to take on. When he looks over at Hakim, he obviously checks his positioning instead of just throwing it at him- and throws what looks like a slightly underthrown pass. Unfortunately there is no better angle of this play available on gamepass to make absolutely sure of that.

2nd and 11 at ATL 35 (4:49) B.Petty pass incomplete deep right to W.Powell.

Jets are in a 1×1 I formation set. Falcons are showing cover-1 man on the pre-snap but although we cant see it develop down the field, it’s safe to assume based on the past plays it’s a cover-3.

Playaction again, and again it’s good. Jets are only running three routes on this play, a snag/flat combo on the left side that Petty begins to read and tries to pump fake in order to move some coverage to, and some other route on the right side that we can’t tell.

Petty decides for some reason after his first options are closed to leave the pocket, which if you look at is very obviously well blocked and handled, in fact Petty is at least 4 yards away from the nearest Falcon. He calls for Powell to go deep and then throws a very high arced pass that travels around 50 yards on the run. This is the throw he should’ve made, but his way of getting to it was all wrong.

Once Petty left the pocket, he had to reset to take this throw. He had more than enough space to do so, and had he it’s obvious that Powell would’ve had an opportunity to make this catch right at the back of the endzone. You can see that he’s ahead all three defenders in the area when the camera originally zooms in on him and is only in the middle of them once he begins to adjust for the under-thrown ball.

That’s a missed touchdown, all on Petty.

3rd and 11 at ATL 35 (4:39) (Shotgun) B.Petty pass short middle to T.Graham to ATL 24 for 11 yards (S.Baker; J.Mincy). PENALTY on NYJ-D.Freeman, Ineligible Downfield Pass, 5 yards, enforced at ATL 35 – No Play.

3rd and 16 at ATL 40 (4:29) (Shotgun) B.Petty pass incomplete deep left to S.Hakim.


That’s the exciting conclusion of Bryce Petty’s week 2. A better performance than week 1 by far, Petty is still showing a lot of young undisciplined errors that are going to require coaching to get out of him. There’s still a very good framework here for a potential NFL Starter blooming, as we see good timing and smart (although imperfect) ball placement start to come out on tough throws. He’s still a long way from there though.

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