2016 Scouting Report: Jared Goff, QB, Cal

Jared Goff is a three year starter for the California Golden Bears. Goff came to Cal in 2013 as a 4-star recruit and was named the starter as a true freshman. He currently holds many Cal records for passing and holds career records in passing yards, touchdowns, and completions. Goff is widely regarded as one of the top QBs in the 2016 draft class.


DOB October 14, 1994 Bench (225 lb)
Height Vertical Jump
Weight Broad Jump
Arms 20 Yard Shuttle
Hands 3 Cone Drill
40 Yard Dash (10 yd split) 60 Yard Shuttle

*Will be updated after Combine on February 29th, 2016

Stats and Awards

Cal (2013-2015) Awards and Accolades
2015 – 529 Attempts, 341 Completions, 4719 yards, 43 TDs, 13 INTs First Team All-Pac12, 2015 Armed Forces Bowl MVP
2014 – 509 Attempts, 316 Completions, 3973 yards, 35 TDs, 7 INTs Honorable Mention All-Pac12
2013 – 531 Attempts, 320 Completions, 3508 yards, 18 TDs, 10 INTs Honorable Mention All-Pac12

Scouting Report

  • Amazing footwork in the pocket. Keeps feet moving alternating his steps to give himself the ability to set quickly and throw.
  • Good mechanics on his throws. Smooth throwing motion with a quick release.
  • Shows a great ability to maneuever himself in the pocket. Steps into his throws and shows a good feel for the pocket. Knows when to scramble, but tends to stay in the pocket when under pressure.
  • Good velocity on his throws. Has the arm strength to fit passes into tight windows, but does not display this ability on film often. Tends to rely more on touch and ball placement to complete his passes.
  • Tends to avoid tight windows and instead goes for the open route on quick passes.
  • Has great accuracy on short and intermediate throws and places the ball extremely well on deep passes.
  • Good athlete when scrambling. Has the speed and agility to make defenders miss and rack up yards on the run.
  • Slight frame at only 215 pounds, but has never missed a start due to injury in his 3 year career at Cal behind a weak offensive line.
  • Does not line up under center. Typically takes 3 step drop backs, occasionally does 5 steps, and no 7 step drops. Will need to relearn how to drop back from under center in the NFL.
  • Does not have a lot of experience going through a progression. Makes mostly single read plays, does not freeze the safeties very often, and does not look off defenders.
  • When he does go through a progression he shows a good internal clock and is very good at quickly moving between his reads. Should quickly adjust to the speed of the NFL.
  • Was a team captain as a sophomore.

Arm Strength

When it comes to Arm Strength Goff is about average for an NFL QB. He is a bit different from the mold though. He has very good velocity on his throws and can fit passes into some tight windows, but he lacks the raw arm strength to throw the ball deep downfield consistently. Sometimes his throws just die in the air and don’t travel as far as he’s trying to throw them.

These next three gifs are examples of his top throwing speed. He’s not going to break the radar gun with his velocity, but it’s respectable at the very least.

In these next two examples you can see Goff attempting some deeper throws. On this first one he tries to throw a bullet to the sidelines. Standing about 5 yards deep in the endzone he throws a bullet pass that seemingly dies after about 20 yards.

In this next example, he doesn’t get enough behind this throw and throws it way up in the air. The ball doesn’t have nearly enough distance on it which causes his receiver to have to turn and slow down not hitting him in stride. He did not step into this throw and that is why he underthrew this pass, but this was a bit of a rarity as the next two plays will show.

On this throw Goff throws a beautiful deep ball to his receiver. Good velocity on the throw, about 50 yards in the air, and it’s placed well enough for his receiver to make the catch. The big problem on this throw is that didn’t get enough behind this throw to lead his receiver.

For this final throw, Goff get’s more than enough behind this ball to lead his receiver extremely well on a 60 yard pass.

Goff has the ability to throw some great deep passes, and can throw the ball well over 50 yards, but his main issue on deep passes is just getting the ball far enough to lead his receivers. On some plays he is able to complete passes of 60 yards, but on others he seems to struggle completing passes deeper than 40 yards. He has the arm strength to blow the top off the defense, but he seems to want to aim the ball too much and sometimes underthrows his target.

On the next page we’ll look at his ball placement and decision making

Dylan Seals

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