2016 Scouting Report: Jared Goff, QB, Cal


Goff easily has the best footwork in this draft class. Goff moves his feet with alternating steps much like Peyton Manning. What this does for a QB is it gives them the ability to plant their feet quicker and adjust their body more easily when in the pocket. The alternating steps Goff takes make it much easier for him to quickly throw a short pass, while also allowing him to quickly turn his body on his progressions to make the throw before the defense can react to his movement. Where he differs from Manning is in how far apart he spreads his feet while he’s in the pocket. Goff often stands with a very wide base and this can lead to him sailing some passes or sometimes having a lower release point making it easier for the defense to swat the ball at the line.

Here’s a few examlpes of Goff’s footwork.

For this last play we’ll take another look at Goff’s progression and how his footwork affects it. First, watch Goff’s head as he moves through his progression. Then, watch his feet as he moves through his progression. Goff turns his body with these small, and subtle movements that allow him to quickly throw the ball when he finds the open target. When you watch great QBs like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in the pocket you can see that they’re making these very small and subtle movements to adjust their body before the throw. Goff is doing the exact same thing.

Pocket Awareness

A severely underrated aspect of most NFL QBs is how well they feel and move within the pocket. Like I said earlier Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have gotten very far in their respective careers because of their small and subtle movements in the pocket. As a QB in the NFL you have to have a good feel for the pocket. You have to have an internal clock that tells you when to get out because a play is breaking down, or just an almost sixth sense for when a rusher is making his way through the line. There’s also knowing when to climb in the pocket to avoid the rush altogether and give yourself more time without scrambling. All of these traits are important for an NFL QB and Goff shows them.

Watch how he moves in the pocket on these first two plays. He steps up when the pass rush gets into the backfield and is able to find the open space and have more time and space to complete his throw.

For these plays we can see what Goff does when he has pressure in his face.

In these final plays we can see Goff throwing with pressure in his face, but each throw ends differently.

With pressure in his face Goff shows the ability to get rid of the ball without getting sacked. He shows a good ability to get rid of the ball before the pressure can get to him and avoid the sack.


Goff is a bit of an Aaron Rodgers type of QB. He’s not going to beat you with his legs like Cam or Wilson, but you have to respect his ability to run and he can still pull off some good moves to avoid tackles.

On this first play we see a little more of Goff’s pocket awareness. Goff feels the pressure from his left, steps up in the pocket and takes the gap to his right. Goff recognizes that the defense is giving him a lot of open space and he uses his athleticism to run for a big gain.

On the next page we’ll wrap up Goff’s scouting report

Dylan Seals

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