2016 Scouting Report: Jared Goff, QB, Cal

Final Notes

Jared Goff is the best QB in the 2016 draft class. While he still has some areas where he needs to improve, he shows a ton of pro ready traits. Goff’s ball placement is remarkable and he shows off such a great ability to throw to all areas of the field, and above average deep ball accuracy as well.

Goff’s footwork and pocket awareness are very good. His footwork alone puts him well above the other QBs in this draft. Goff’s ability to maneuever in the pocket and his intelligence of when to step up and when to get out will make him a tough QB to sack.

Goff has some underrated athleticism and will at least pose a threat to NFL defenses once the pocket breaks down. While he won’t make as many players miss in the NFL as he did in college, Goff should still be able to rack up plenty of yards on the ground.

Goff’s big weaknesses remain his arm strength and his lack of experience under center and going through progressions. While Goff shows the ability to go through his progressions cleanly and quickly, he still needs to work on freezing the safeties, looking off defenders, and not staring down his first read after the snap. The good thing for Goff is that these things are coachable.

However, his arm strength will not get much better than it is now no matter how much coaching he receives. Where Goff is going to excel in the NFL is in his ball placement, his intelligence, and his leadership. Having dragged the Golden Bears to a bowl game win in 2015 Goff displayed excellent leadership along the way. Having dealt with a ridiculous amount of drops, a very weak offensive line, and almost no defense at all Goff never quit on his team and should be an excellent leader in the NFL.

Pro Comparison: Aaron Rodgers

While it may seem easy to compare the two Cal QBs, and way too early to compare a rookie to one of the best QBs in the NFL, it’s hard to ignore the similarities between Rodgers and Goff. Both of them show enough mobility to avoid pressure, extend plays, and make defenses respect their running ability. Both display amazing deep ball accuracy and ball placement in general. Both have very good pocket presence and can climb in the pocket very well. Even though it seems either easy or too soon to you, I have a hard time not seeing a lot of similarities between Rodgers and Goff.

Projected Round: 1st Round

If Goff falls out of the top 10 I will be very surprised. He is the most pro ready QB in this draft and has top 10 QB potential.

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Dylan Seals

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