Josh Doctson NFL Draft 2016 Cover

2016 Scouting Report: Josh Doctson, WR, TCU

Route Running

Josh Doctson ran a 4.50 sec 40-yard dash. This was extremely surprising since his play speed is nowhere near clocked speed. His routes are very slow, but deliberate. He always runs them at 80% speed.

On deep routes, he rarely got separation in college when facing man-to-man coverage. Like I said previously, it was his body control and leaping ability that allowed him to create on these plays.

At TCU, he didn’t run a full route tree and primarilly ran fades, hitches, and out-patterns. Developing his footwork and being more crisp at the top of the route will greatly help him create separation.

Yards After Catch (YAC)

The ability to gain yards after the catch is one of Doctson’s biggest weaknesses. He rarely made the first man miss in college and this will only get worse in the NFL as defenders are better at tackling.

Press Coverage

The other major area of weakness for Doctson was against man-press coverage. He was awful at fighting off press at the line of scrimmage. In college, he rarely faced it though as a large percentage of teams he faced in the Big 12 played zone defense as their base.

He needs to get better at separating at the line of scrimmage. A step-back move or a push-pull move can be used effectively, but he needs to develop them to be successful against the more aggressive teams in the NFL.

Pro Comparison and Draft Projection

Pro Comparison: Terrance Williams. Same size receivers, both came from the Big-12 with high production. In college, both had excellent body control and tracked the ball in the air well. Doctson has a higher ceiling, but still fits the possession receiver role in the NFL with his amazing ability to catch the ball in traffic.

Projected Round: Mid-Late First Round. With his size and ability to churn out yards across the field, a team in the second half of the first round will love him. His leaping ability and great hands gives any redzone-struggling team a target that can win on fade routes with upside.

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