2016 Scouting Report: Kenyan Drake, RB, Alabama

Short Area Quickness

Drake has exceptional short area quickness, which allows him to make defenders miss often. However, like with his vision, he can sometimes get ahead of himself and try to make a defender miss too early.

On the first play, Drake does a good job to get by one defender in the backfield but tries to set up a second defender too early and gets taken down. On the second play, he shows off a really nice jump cut but the defender is able to get just enough on his legs to disrupt him.

On the third play, Drake has the quickness to get past the first defender then cuts across a second defender. He doesn’t make him whiff completely, but the cut enables him to pick up multiple extra yards.

The fourth play shows Drake pull off a tight spin move in the backfield and then maintain balance when a defender hits his legs before driving forward. The final play shows that he has the reaction time to elude and the balance to stay upright against a defender who was on him as soon as he caught the pass.

Power/Pad Level

Drake has some flashes of good pad level, and when he does he can get some good movement or continue the run after contact. However, those examples are inconsistent, and Drake will need to improve to do this well at all at the next level.

The first play shows Drake with an example of good pad level, lowering it into contact. This allows him to bounce off the hit, then he uses his acceleration to bounce it outside and gain extra yardage.

The second play is another good example of Drake lowering his pads into contact and continuing forward with good leg drive. By contrast, the third play shows Drake trying to leap over contact, which kills any chance he had to drive forward.

On the fourth play, Drake shows good pad level but doesn’t get any yardage after contact. While tall, he is not a big player. Lack of mass will limit his ability to gain yardage with power at the next level.

On the final play, Drake is able to fall forward because he gets good pad level and also spins a little off of contact.

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Matt Fries

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