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2016 Scouting Report: Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss

Laquon Treadwell was a five-star recruit from Crete Monee HS in Crete, Illinois. He was the number one wide receiver and ranked 5th overall in the nation in the 2013 HS class. He was recruited by Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State, among others, but chose Ole Miss instead. Treadwell is not the fastest wide receiver, but he can track deep balls well and use his size to position himself to win contested catches. He enters the 2016 NFL Draft as one of the top wide receiver prospects.



DOB June 14, 1995 Bench (225 lbs) 12
Height 6’2″ Vertical Jump 33″
Weight 221 lbs Broad Jump 9’9″
Arms 33.375 in 20 Yard Shuttle Pro Day: 4.30 sec
Hands 9.5 in 3 Cone Drill Pro Day: 7.04 sec
40 Yard Dash (10 yd split) Pro Day: 4.64 sec (1.62 sec) 60 Yard Shuttle DNP


Stats and Awards

University of Mississippi (2013-2015)
2015 – 82 rec, 1,153 yds (14.1 ypc), 11 TDs First team All-SEC, Third team All-American
2014 – 48 rec, 632 yds (13.2 ypc), 5 TDs
2013 – 72 rec, 608 yds (8.4 ypc), 5 TDs SEC Freshman of the Year


Scouting Report

  • Excellent at timing jumps to make catches in air
  • Extends hands well to catch balls and has an excellent catch radius
  • Tough wide receiver who lowers shoulder looking for contact and fights for extra yards
  • Comes back to the football on hitch routes
  • Quarterback forced him a lot of balls. Broke up a couple of INTs based on coming back for ball with good body positioning.
  • Good job of finding zones and spaces to sit in.
  • Makes over-the-shoulder catches with ease.
  • Good body positioning to catch contested balls.
  • Lack of separation on in-routes because he rounds the corners.
  • Great footwork on deep routes. Knows how to run double-move dino-stems
  • Average at beating press, not good against off-man coverage.
  • Doesn’t have elite second gear speed, but is a decisive runner on deep balls.
  • Hitches and fades were his main routes at Ole Miss, but didn’t run full route tree.
  • Good endzone target for fade routes
  • Very willing run blocker. Drives defenders backwards with aggression.
  • Would fit really well into an air raid style offense with emphasis on vertical routes.
  • Ole Miss offense based on RPO (run pass option), which sets him up for a hitch, screen, or run block.
  • Season ended in 2014 fumbing at the goal line breaking tibia and dislocating his ankle.
  • Fierce competitor. Plays with a lot of emotion (sometimes too much). Runs angry.


    Quarterback Trickery

    During the 2015 collegiate season, Laquon Treadwell was used as a quarterback in a few of their trick plays. He was 3/3 gaining 134 yards and a touchdown.


    As a receiver, Treadwell had very few drops in college. He extends his arms outside of his body and has a wide catch radius being able catch balls high and low.

    Chad Kelly, Ole Miss’ quarterback, forced many balls to him even when he was completely covered. Treadwell was excellent at coming back to the ball on curls and hitch routes that could have become interceptions if he didn’t return to them. This is a very valuable skill that would help both experienced and inexperienced quarterbacks in the NFL.

    The next pass was an incredible throw by Chad Kelly after an offsides penalty (free play), but shows the subtleties of Laquon Treadwell’s deep ball prowess. He waits until the last possible moment to stretch for the ball bringing it in and not giving away the ball location before it arrives. The second is another example of how Treadwell used his body to create a gap between himself and the ball allowing for the reception.

    The occasional drops Treadwell suffered were due to a mental lapse in concentration or he would run before he had fully secured the catch.

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