Jameis Winston 15 INTS

Jameis Winston’s 15 Interceptions in 2015

Jameis Winston threw 15 interceptions during the 2015 regular season. In this series, we will take a closer look at Jameis Winston’s interceptions from a statistical perspective and then we’ll use All-22 film to see the general trends of what caused them in the video. If you haven’t read my previous article on Jameis Winston, please check out my breakdown on his “28 touchdowns.”

Before we begin, please take a look at the other articles I have written about him during the 2015 season or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Interceptions by Distance

First, we will take a look at his interceptions by distance. Note: This chart is created by my tracking of the distance from the line of scrimmage to the actual interception location and should relate directly to the following table. 

Deep (16+ yards) 7
Medium (6-15 yards) 3
Short (0-5 yards) 5


Interception Location

The next table breaks down more accurately where the ball was thrown using the same yardage designations as above. 

Deep Left Deep Middle Deep Right
1 2 4
Medium Left Medium Middle Medium Right
1 0 2
Short Left Short Middle Short Right
2 0 3


Interceptions by Quarter

The following table breaks down his interceptions by quarter. 

1st 2
2nd 5
3rd 3
4th 5
OT 0


Intended Target on Interception

Here are the intended recipients of his passes that were intercepted during the 2015 season. Note: This does not designate fault. 

Mike Evans 5
Adam Humphries 3
Brandon Myers 2
Charles Sims 2
Vincent Jackson 2
Cameron Brate 1


Interceptions by Route

The next table breaks down the interceptions by route thrown. Similar routes were combined together based on the distance and type of pass. 

Hitch/Comeback 3
Out/Flat/Quick-Out 3
Post/Corner 3
Drag/Drive 1
Go/Deep Fade 1
In 1
Screen 1
Seam 1
Slant/Quick-In 1


Interception Blame Game

The final table looks at the blame for each interception he threw during the 2015 season.

Note: This is obviously subjective, however there are clearly cases where it’s 100% the fault of the quarterback. For example, when he throws it to the wrong team thinking it’s his own receiver (the “Matt Ryan” – seen here) or he throws it deep hoping for a miracle while unleashing the dragon (the “Rex Grossman“).

Conversely, there are times when the quarterback is not at fault. For example, the ball is perfectly thrown, but it bounces out of the hands of the receiver into a defender’s hands. For the plays that could not be definitely assigned to just the quarterback, I assigned them to the “partially at fault” category. 

QB’s Fault 11
Partially QB’s Fault 2
Not QB’s Fault 2


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