Russell Wilson was near perfect against the Bills

After having one of the worst games of his career versus the New Orleans Saints, Russell Wilson completely redeemed himself versus the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night. Earlier this week I looked at his beautiful touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham in the second quarter, but I wanted to take an even deeper dive looking at his performance this week after watching his game tape.

In this video breakdown, I go over the general trends of the game looking at some of the plays in detail to see how Russell Wilson made them happen.

Out of 26 passes, he only had six incompletions. I really only fault him for one of those throws and that was because the ball was placed slightly too far inside of Jermaine Kearse. From a general theme standpoint, the run game was abysmal due to the dominant defensive front of the Bills. They clearly controlled the line of scrimmage and this victory can be credited to good play-calling by Darrell Bevell, excellent throws by Russell Wilson, and Jimmy Graham finally looking healthy.

On Sunday night the Seahawks play the New England Patriots. If the Seahawks get this version of Russell Wilson instead of last week’s version, they’ll absolutely give the Patriots a run for their money.

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Samuel Gold

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