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Evan Engram’s fit in Ben McAdoo’s offense

Evan Engram was the nation’s leader in receiving yards for tight ends last season and earned First-Team All-American honors. At Ole Miss, Engram was consistently put in a position to succeed as a focal point in their scheme.

In this video, I show how he used his speed and vertical receiving ability to be a dynamic threat in college and I explain how I think that will translate to the NFL. In my opinion, the New York Giants should use him like the Washington Redskins use Jordan Reed. They can use him on option routes to create mismatch opportunities versus linebackers while also stressing the seams between safeties.

    One of Engram’s biggest problems in college was that he missed blocks by lowering his head. I counted at three in the Alabama game alone where he simply didn’t keep his eyes on his target. Also, he has a problem with dropped passes missing seven that should have been catchable this season.

    I mentioned Jordan Reed earlier and that’s who I would use as his pro comparison. They are both smooth route runners and both needed to work on their blocking skills. While Engram has the deep speed to stress safeties, Reed has been a bigger threat underneath versus zone coverage and on crossing routes for the Redskins.

    Overall, I gave this pick a “B-“. While I think he is a good scheme fit for the Giants, picking him at 23rd overall was a bit earlier than I had him on my board. Personally, I gave him an early second round grade, but I definitely see the potential in New York’s offense.

Samuel Gold

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