Here’s why Dak Prescott’s rookie season was not a fluke

The formula to win in the NFL is rather simple. Do you have a franchise quarterback? If yes, you build around him. If no, you desperately hope one falls to you or do whatever it takes to grab one. The Los Angeles Rams did it last year with Jared Goff. The Philadelphia Eagles followed suit and did it with Carson Wentz. Then you have a team like the Dallas Cowboys who grabbed Dak Prescott at the end of the fourth round. Well, we all know what happened. Tony Romo injured his back in preseason and Prescott stepped up and put together an amazing rookie campaign.

From my film study, I can honestly say that I was super impressed with his overall ability. He showed a natural command of the offense. He ran audibles and checks at the line of scrimmage. He showed a good understanding of how defensive coverages worked and how to find the correct read. He was far from perfect, but he showed a level of pro readiness that I truthfully wasn’t expecting from the young quarterback.

Overall, Prescott’s rookie season was not a fluke. Many have compared him to Robert Griffin III, but that would be a huge mistake. He is a pocket passer first and is already much further along in his development than RG3 was after three years in the NFL. While Prescott wasn’t perfect, he protected the football and generally showed a good understanding of the position.

Samuel Gold

Sam founded NFL Breakdowns after working his way through the journalist farm system and is enjoying life in the big league. Growing up outside of Washington, D.C., Sam didn’t choose the Redskins, the Redskins chose him. Out of a love for the game and an insatiable curiosity to determine why his beloved team was underperforming, Sam turned to studying film in NFL Breakdowns.