Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis vs. Cardinals

The Carolina Panthers made the playoffs this season with a losing record but are primed to make some noise now that they are hitting on all cylinders. The key to the Panthers success is their defense, led by LB’s Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis, two all-around LB’s who can make plays in the passing game

Jan 08, 2015 Derek Willems

Joe Flacco vs Pittsburgh – 18/29, 259 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs

Joe Flacco’s playoff performances over the past 5 years since entering the NFL in 2008 have been remarkable. His 10-4 record and 21 touchdowns to only 8 interceptions put him among the league’s elite quarterbacks in the playoffs. In this post you will see how Flacco’s accuracy on shallow crosses and surprising pocket mobility allowed

Jan 07, 2015 Samuel Gold

Justin Houston’s Four Sacks vs. the Chargers

Justin Houston’s four sacks against the Chargers in week 17 gave him the NFL lead in sacks in 2014 and put his season total at 22, just a half sack short of the NFL’s single season record. The numbers say he had one of the best pass rushing seasons of all time, and the tape

Jan 02, 2015 Matt Fries

Andy Dalton vs. Pittsburgh | Wildcard Preview

Andy Dalton is one of the NFL’s most controversial Quarterbacks due to his inconsistency, lack of playoff success and also capability to occasionally have great games. Dalton has once again led the Bengals to the playoffs, winning the 5th seed in the AFC and facing the AFC South champion Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Coming into

Jan 02, 2015 Derek Willems

RG3 Struggles vs the Cowboys – 27/41, 336 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs

The Redskins started with promise on Sunday, but ultimately ended in embarrassment as they were blown out by their division rival the Dallas Cowboys. In this game, RG3’s statistics were misleading as he was inaccurate with the football and showed multiple times where he was unable to read coverages and was still hesitant with the

Jan 01, 2015 Samuel Gold

Rookie Recap: Trent Murphy – 2.5 sacks, 6 hits, 15 hurries

Trent Murphy was chosen by the Redskins with the 47th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. With Ryan Kerrigan and the recently franchise-tagged Brian Orakpo on the roster, many thought this pick should have been used on a position of greater need. The Redskins needed a right tackle, guard, inside linebacker, cornerback and safety going

Dec 30, 2014 Samuel Gold

Tony Romo vs the Colts – 18/20, 218 yards, 4 TDs

Tony Romo’s performance versus the Colts was very impressive completing 90% of his passes and four touchdowns. This post will analyze his performance. Stats Romo – 18/20, 218 yards, 10.9 ypa, 4 TDs, 0 INTs, 3 rushes for 28 yards, 1 sack for 11 yards Play 1Situation: 2nd and 8 at DAL 22Description: Q1 –

Dec 26, 2014 Samuel Gold

Jimmy Clausen vs. the Lions (23/39, 188 Yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT)

Jimmy Clausen was a highly touted QB prospect when he began his college career at Notre Dame, but fell short of expectations and also fell in the draft, going 48th overall to Carolina in 2010. In his first season as a QB, when went 1-9 as a starter, and the Panthers then took Cam Newton

Dec 24, 2014 Matt Fries

Week 16’s Longest Runs – Kaepernick, Hill, Lynch, Todman, Gore

Week 16 featured some incredible plays on the ground. I wanted to analyze how these plays were produced. This post will break down the runs by Kaepernick, Hill, Lynch, Todman, and Gore. Play 1Situation: 2nd and 3 at PHI 40Description: Q3 – (2:40) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick scrambles right end for 90 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Penalty on SD-M.Gilchrist,

Dec 24, 2014 Samuel Gold

RG3 Redeemed; Film Breakdown of His Passes versus the Eagles

RG3 showed very positive signs of improvement during his Week 16 match-up versus the Eagles. In this game, RG3 showed a better grasp of fundamental quarterbacking that he hasn’t shown all season. If RG3 continues to show these signs of progress, the Redskins should be confident in naming him their quarterback of the future. Stats

Dec 24, 2014 Samuel Gold
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