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Dan Syed
Dan's allegiances are to the hated evil empire of Brady, Belichick, and the New England Patriots. After finishing his playing days at The College of New Jersey, he had the opportunity to coach collegiately as both a QB's and WR's coach. Now about to graduate from Georgetown Law, he's a film junkie and loves to analyze NFL X's and O's here and at Syedschemes. Follow Daniel: @syedschemes For all of Daniel's articles: Click Here.

Beginner Series: Dagger Concept

This article featured on The Dagger concept is a pass game route combination that is commonly used both at the College and NFL level. Dagger is most often associated with Mike Martz and Norv Turner, and is similar to the “Hi-Lo…

Sep 12, 2015 Dan Syed

Beginner Series: Mills Concept

This article featured on “Mills” is a pass game concept used both at the NFL and NCAA level, originally made famous by Steve Spurrier. Mills is executed with a Post route from the outside Wide Receiver and a Dig route fro…

Sep 11, 2015 Dan Syed

Stevan Ridley’s Role with the Jets

Stevan Ridley signed a 1-year deal with the New York Jets last week. He remains in the AFC East and is currently recovering from the torn ACL he suffered during Week 5 of the 2014 season. Ridley is a physical runner that is decisive and keeps his legs …

Apr 13, 2015 Dan Syed

Torrey Smith’s Fit with Kaepernick and the 49ers

Torrey Smith officially signed a 5-Year 40 Million dollar contract with the 49ers (22 guaranteed). Some may wonder whether this kind of money is worth a Wide Receiver who only had 49 catches for 767 yards in 2014. However, Torrey Smith fits a need for…

Mar 14, 2015 Dan Syed

Shane Vereen’s Impact on the Giants Offense

Shane Vereen has officially signed a 3 Year 12.35 Million dollar deal with the New York Giants. This should have an immediate positive impact on Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr. and the rest of the Giants offense. From a pure productivity standpoint, Sha…

Mar 13, 2015 Dan Syed
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