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Jeff Kim
Jeff started playing the game as an ankle biter in peewee football. It was there that he began taking his dad's game recordings shot on VHS camcorder, breaking it down and offering play fixes and adjustments to his youth football coaches' chagrin. He has fond childhood memories of cheering on the Redskins with his dad during their glory days, but has been a fan of coaches rather than teams throughout his life. After high school football, he began taking collegiate and adult flag football way too seriously, teaching and coaching the West Coast Offense to backyard quarterbacks, and collecting championships along the way. Jeff enjoys keeping his ear to the ground as the cat and mouse game between offenses and defenses gyrates forward.

Josh McDaniels and the Slant-Flat Concept in Super Bowl XLIX

Josh McDaniels chose the slant-flat route combination as the principal concept for his game plan against the Seahawks defense during Super Bowl XLIX. It combines two quick underneath throws in a high – low read progression that was popularized by…

Mar 10, 2015 Jeff Kim
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