Doug Baldwin’s Route Running | 122 Targets in 2015

Jul 5, 2016
Samuel Gold

Doug Baldwin Route Running

Doug Baldwin had a career year gaining 1,069 yards on 78 receptions in the 2015 regular season. Recently, he was awarded a four-year extension worth $46 million extension to continue playing with Russell Wilson. This breakdown takes a look at all of his targets (including the playoffs) and discusses the general trend of his play in the Seahawks’ offense as the slot receiver using All-22 film. Make sure you turn up the volume!

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Target by Location

This table breaks down where the ball was thrown. Note: Deep is 16+ yards, Medium is 6-15 yards, and Short is 5 yards or less. 

Deep Left Deep Middle Deep Right
12 5 13
Medium Left Medium Middle Medium Right
11 7 18
Short Left Short Middle Short Right
21 3 32


Pass Breakdown by Down

The following table breaks down Doug Baldwin’s targets by down. 

Down Targets Receptions Yards
1st 43 34 422
2nd 41 33 386
3rd 37 23 381
4th 1 1 4


Pass Breakdown by Quarter

The following table breaks down Down Baldwin’s targets by quarter. 

Quarter Targets Receptions Yards
1st 14 10 103
2nd 43 32 327
3rd 34 25 405
4th 29 22 351


Pass Breakdown by Route

The next table breaks down his routes by target. Similar routes were combined together based on the distance and type of pass. 

Route Targets Receptions Yards
Flat/Quick-Out 21 18 151
Hitch/Comeback 17 13 123
Screen 14 13 59
Seam 12 8 205
Drag/Drive 10 8 185
Out 10 7 90
Post/Corner 10 4 85
In 9 8 127
Slant/Quick-In 8 7 69
Go/Deep Fade 6 3 84
Wheel 3 0 0
Spot 2 1 15


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