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How Von Miller’s Speed Rush Helped Broncos Win Super Bowl 50

Von Miller and the Broncos beat Cam Newton and the Panthers in Super Bowl 50 in a heavily defensive match. Crowned this years’ Super Bowl MVP for his 2.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and 5 tackles, he displayed that he is one of the league’s …

Feb 08, 2016 Samuel Gold


Cam Newton’s “Pin” Concept for an 86 Yard Touchdown in NFC Championship

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers slaughtered the Arizona Cardinals in a game that many predicted to be a toss-up. One play in particular stood out to me was how Newton and Panthers’ offensive coordinator, Mike Shula, used Corey Brown and the …

Jan 27, 2016 Samuel Gold


Dwight Freeney’s Spin Move – Pass Rush Technique

Dwight Freeney’s career has been stellar over the past 14 seasons in the NFL collecting 115.5 sacks. Ever since the Indianapolis Colts drafted him with the 11th overall pick in 2002, the Syracuse product has been a star in this league consistentl…

Dec 15, 2015 Samuel Gold

Flexbone Option Offense – Veer Pass

The veer pass is the primary pass play in the flexbone option offense, and is designed to take advantage of the defense when the secondary is overcommitting to the run.  When this play is called upon, the offense’s intention is to either score o…

Nov 06, 2015 Justin Schnurer

Flexbone Option Offense – Rocket Toss

The Rocket Toss is the sweep play, or edge attacking play in the flexbone option offense.  It is designed to get out to the edge quickly, and to out flank a defense when the box is either over loaded, or when the defense is blitzing.  Loading the box…

Nov 04, 2015 Justin Schnurer

Flexbone Option Offense – Counter Option

The counter option is the primary misdirection play in the flexbone option offense.  It is also one of the more complicated plays in the offense.  The play can be broken down into two relatives stages.  First, there is the inside veer fake on the ba…

Sep 29, 2015 Justin Schnurer

Dion Lewis One-Back Power Cover @SamuelRGold

Dion Lewis and the Patriots’ One-Back Power

In wake of LeGarrette Blount’s one game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, Dion Lewis started at running back for the New England Patriots. Showing versatility out of the backfield, the 4th year veteran recorded 69 y…

Sep 15, 2015 Samuel Gold

Beginner Series: Dagger Concept

This article featured on SyedSchemes.com. The Dagger concept is a pass game route combination that is commonly used both at the College and NFL level. Dagger is most often associated with Mike Martz and Norv Turner, and is similar to the “Hi-Lo…

Sep 12, 2015 Dan Syed

Beginner Series: Mills Concept

This article featured on SyedSchemes.com. “Mills” is a pass game concept used both at the NFL and NCAA level, originally made famous by Steve Spurrier. Mills is executed with a Post route from the outside Wide Receiver and a Dig route fro…

Sep 11, 2015 Dan Syed

Flexbone Option Offense – Zone Dive

The zone dive a quick hitting inside zone play to the fullback, designed to take advantage of small defensive boxes.  Rather than reading the reaction of defender’s, the dive is a down-hill, in your face, hard hitting run.  It primarily attacks…

Sep 10, 2015 Justin Schnurer

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