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Anquan Boldin Cover IMG2

Anquan Boldin can still contribute to an NFL team this year

Anquan Boldin has always been defined by his attitude. He runs angry after the catch. He aggressively fights to snag balls out of the air. He understands how to use his body to physically win against tight coverage. While he’s never been the fastest …

Aug 25, 2017 Samuel Gold

Thomas Rawls Power Cover

How the Seahawks were successful running the football again

Tom Cable varied his running scheme in the Seattle Seahawks wild card win over the Detroit Lions on Saturday. As Lars Russell pointed out earlier this week, the Seahawks threw in some “power” running plays along with their traditional zone blocking…

Feb 01, 2017 Samuel Gold

Matt Stafford Clutch Cover

How Matt Stafford is so clutch and what the Seahawks need to do to beat him

If the Seattle Seahawks are going to advance to the divisional round for the fifth straight year, they’re obviously going to need to get a lead vs the Detroit Lions, but perhaps more importantly when playing the Lions — they’re going to need to h…

Jan 29, 2017 Samuel Gold

Cliff Avril Pass Rush

Cliff Avril’s Strengths and Weaknesses on Seahawks’ Line

Cliff Avril was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2008 NFL Draft. For the past two seasons, he has been a Top 10 Edge Defender according to ProFootballFocus, but in his career has never made the Pro Bowl. In this video breakdown, I took a look at his str…

Jul 22, 2016 Samuel Gold

AnsahSack3 @SamuelRGold

Lions’ Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah’s 4.5 Sacks vs Eagles and Packers

Ezekial Ansah was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 2013 with the 5th overall pick. Before 2010, he had never even put football pads on and mainly played soccer and basketball. Ironically, it was his academic honors that helped him get a scholarship at B…

Dec 07, 2015 Samuel Gold

Vikings Pass Rush Cover

Mike Zimmer and the Vikings’ Blitz Packages versus Lions – 7 Sacks, 13 Hits

Every once in a while in the NFL, a coach will come up with a signature scheme that changes the way the game is played.  Don Coryell had the Air Coryell offense, Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy had the Tampa 2 defense, and Mike Zimmer has his signature dou…

Oct 28, 2015 Nick Olson

Adrian Peterson vs. the Lions (29 runs, 134 yards; 2 catches, 58 yards)

One of the biggest stories this offseason for the Vikings was the return of Adrian Peterson. Rumors flew all offseason about whether or not he would be back, and there was some question of how well he would play after missing almost all of 2014. His pe…

Sep 24, 2015 Matt Fries

Matthew Stafford’s 17 Total Turnovers in 2014

This is the last article on my series covering the biggest positives (touchdowns) and negatives (turnovers) from the NFC North QBs in 2014. Matthew Stafford threw 12 interceptions during the 2014 regular season and lost 3 fumbles. In his playoff game a…

Aug 26, 2015 Matt Fries

Matthew Stafford’s 25 Total TDs in 2014

Matthew Stafford has put up some prolific numbers since being taken #1 overall by the Lions in the 2009 draft. In 2014, he did put up number that were as lofty as some of the peaks he achieved in previous years, but he did lead the Lions to a 11-5 reco…

Aug 07, 2015 Matt Fries

Tony Romo Struggles vs Lions – 19/31, 293 yards, 2 TDs

Tony Romo and the Cowboys entered the playoffs after winning the NFC East for the first time since 2009. Romo’s performance in December and the playoffs has been heavily scrutinized, so I wanted to see how well Romo performed in this wildcard mat…

Jan 08, 2015 Samuel Gold

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