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Flexbone Option Offense – Veer Pass

The veer pass is the primary pass play in the flexbone option offense, and is designed to take advantage of the defense when the secondary is overcommitting to the run.  When this play is called upon, the offense’s intention is to either score o…

Nov 06, 2015 Justin Schnurer

Flexbone Option Offense – Counter Option

The counter option is the primary misdirection play in the flexbone option offense.  It is also one of the more complicated plays in the offense.  The play can be broken down into two relatives stages.  First, there is the inside veer fake on the ba…

Sep 29, 2015 Justin Schnurer

The Flexbone Option Offense – Midline

Midline might be the most commonly used play in this offense.  Even though inside veer is the core play, many defenses use fronts that conflict the inside veer, and midline is designed specifically to take advantage of those fronts.  Midline is the &…

Sep 02, 2015 Justin Schnurer

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