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Stevan Ridley’s Role with the Jets

Stevan Ridley signed a 1-year deal with the New York Jets last week. He remains in the AFC East and is currently recovering from the torn ACL he suffered during Week 5 of the 2014 season. Ridley is a physical runner that is decisive and keeps his legs …

Apr 13, 2015 Dan Syed

Beginner Series: Vertical Stretch Passing

Vertical Stretch Passing The vertical stretch is a very similar concept to the horizontal stretch discussed previously here. The difference is, instead of stretching the defense side to side, the vertical stretches the defense up and down the field. Th…

Apr 09, 2015 Tyler Hill

Beginner Series: Guide to Horizontal Stretch Passing

Horizontal Stretch Passing The zone defense is the most common pass coverage used today in the NFL. It works by having the defenders cover a specific area instead of a specific man. Typically, this leads to better results, because if one defender gets …

Apr 04, 2015 Tyler Hill

Shane Vereen’s Impact on the Giants Offense

Shane Vereen has officially signed a 3 Year 12.35 Million dollar deal with the New York Giants. This should have an immediate positive impact on Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr. and the rest of the Giants offense. From a pure productivity standpoint, Sha…

Mar 13, 2015 Dan Syed

Josh McDaniels and the Slant-Flat Concept in Super Bowl XLIX

Josh McDaniels chose the slant-flat route combination as the principal concept for his game plan against the Seahawks defense during Super Bowl XLIX. It combines two quick underneath throws in a high – low read progression that was popularized by…

Mar 10, 2015 Jeff Kim

Malcolm Butler’s Other Super Bowl XLIX Plays

By this point everyone has seen Malcolm Butler’s final interception against Russell Wilson to end the Super Bowl, but how did he play in his other snaps? This breakdown will show you that outside of his interception, Butler was phenomenal stickin…

Feb 07, 2015 Samuel Gold

Marshawn Lynch vs. Eight in the Box in the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLIX contained an ending for the ages, and Marshawn Lynch is a big part of the controversy surrounding the Seahawks’ final offensive playcall. Specifically, many people feel that Lynch should have been handed the ball to try to punch i…

Feb 06, 2015 Matt Fries

Tom Brady vs Seahawks – Super Bowl XLIX

Tom Brady cemented his legacy as one of the all-time greats in Super Bowl XLIX vs. the Seattle Seahawks and one of the best defenses in the NFL. Brady led a patented 10 point comeback in the 4th quarter, the largest in Super Bowl history. Brady set the…

Feb 05, 2015 Derek Willems

Russell Wilson vs Patriots – Super Bowl XLIX

Russell Wilson threw the final interception to Malcolm Butler to end Super Bowl XLIX, but does that one play tell the full story? Many critics are using that play and his overall statline to project and his criticize his performance in the Super Bowl. …

Feb 04, 2015 Samuel Gold

Malcolm Butler’s Final Super Bowl Interception on Russell Wilson

Since not everyone understands what happened on Malcolm Butler’s interception I wanted to do a quick breakdown of the play that ended Super Bowl 49 for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. Edit [2/4/2015]: If you are interested in reading about all o…

Feb 02, 2015 Samuel Gold

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