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Cam Newton was the best offensive player in Super Bowl 50

On the biggest stage, the biggest personalities stand out. Cam Newton, the NFL’s reigning MVP, was certainly one of the personalities the world was focusing on as it watched Super Bowl 50. In the game, the Carolina Panthers’ offense looked …

Feb 15, 2016 Matt Fries

How the Broncos Shut Down Jonathan Stewart and the Panthers’ Run Game

The Denver Broncos’ defense dominated the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl. Before the big game, the Panthers had lost just one game all season. In that game, week 16 against the Atlanta Falcons, they rushed the ball 20 times. It was their low…

Feb 10, 2016 Matt Fries

The Importance of TJ Ward to the Broncos’ Pass Defense

When re-watching the Broncos-Patriots game, something in the Broncos pass coverage stands out. They were shadowing a pass catcher from the Broncos. Not just any pass catcher, but Rob Gronkowski. And the player they were using to do it wasn’t Aqib…

Feb 05, 2016 Matt Fries

Von Miller and Demarcus Ware vs the Patriots (3 Combined Sacks, 8 Combined Hits)

The Broncos’ pass rush had a field day against the Patriots. No two players were more successful than Denver’s two great edge rushers, Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware. The pair teed off against the Patriots’ tackles, and consistently har…

Feb 02, 2016 Matt Fries

The Ten Worst Regular Season QB Performances. 10: Ryan Fitzpatrick Week 17 at Buffalo Bills

The NFL regular season has come to a close and while the league rules are more QB friendly than they have ever been, there are still a lot of clunkers in the NFL.  This series will look at the ten worst QB performances in the NFL based on passer ratin…

Jan 13, 2016 Nicholas Mello

San Francisco 49ers vs. Cleveland Browns: 9 Sacks Given Up for 44 Yards Lost

The struggles of the San Francisco 49ers on offense have been well documented over the year.  They are the worst overall offense in the league and most of this is due to an ineffective passing attack.  Blaine Gabbert has been an upgrade over Colin …

Dec 16, 2015 Nicholas Mello

Norv Turner’s Vikings-Cardinals Game-Ending Play Call

Did Norv Turner’s controversial decision to call an intermediate passing play rather than a quick pass or a field goal at the end of the Vikings-Cardinals’ Thursday Night Football game cost the Vikings a victory?  This in-depth breakdown a…

Dec 11, 2015 Nick Olson

Seattle Seahawks Pass Defense vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: 37/59, 480 Yards, 1 TD, 4 INTs

The overarching theme to the Seattle Seahawks’ season on defense is what has happened to the Legion of Boom.  There have been multiple late game collapses by the Seattle defense and the secondary has been picked apart in some high profile games.…

Dec 05, 2015 Nicholas Mello

Marcus Mariota vs. Oakland Raiders: 17/37, 218 Yards, 3 TDs, 2 INTs

Marcus Mariota is having the typical QB rookie season in the NFL.  He has had is ups (Perfect passer rating against the Buccaneers and outplaying Drew Bress in New Orleans) and his downs (Back to back poor games against the Bills and Dolphins) through…

Dec 02, 2015 Nicholas Mello

Dallas Cowboys Rushing Attack vs. Buccaneers (21 Carries, 42 Yards)

The Dallas Cowboys, despite the lack of Tony Romo for most of the season and a lack of a solid passing game, have one of the more efficient rushing attacks in the league.    They are 9th in yards per game (119.0) and T-10 in yards per attempt (4.3) …

Nov 21, 2015 Nicholas Mello

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