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How LeGarrette Blount and the Patriots “powered” over Texans

LeGarrette Blount and the Patriots ran for 105 yards and two touchdowns on Thursday night in defeating the Houston Texans. It was a one-sided affair capped off by a 41-yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter. In the first half, the Texans actually did a …

Oct 06, 2016 Samuel Gold


How C.J. Anderson, Broncos used 22/23 Slam to gain big yards vs the Panthers

The 2016 regular season officially commenced with a back-and-forth match-up between the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Denver Broncos, playing the Carolina Panthers at home. The Panthers were a favorite as Peyton Manning retired and the Broncos had…

Sep 13, 2016 Samuel Gold

DeSean Jackson Deep Ball Cover

DeSean Jackson’s Deep Ball Receiving Still Best in NFL

DeSean Jackson has been a star deep threat receiver since entering the NFL in 2008. Eight years later he’s still productive when healthy. This off-season DeSean Jackson has starred in training camp and looks to have a rebound year in the Redskins…

Aug 14, 2016 Samuel Gold


Tyler Lockett’s Route Running | 78 Targets in 2015

Tyler Lockett was drafted in the 3rd round out of Kansas State and many saw him as simply a special teams player handling kick and punt return duties. This was partially true as he was given Associated Press’ First-Team All-Pro honors because of …

Jul 08, 2016 Samuel Gold

Doug Baldwin Route Running

Doug Baldwin’s Route Running | 122 Targets in 2015

Doug Baldwin had a career year gaining 1,069 yards on 78 receptions in the 2015 regular season. Recently, he was awarded a four-year extension worth $46 million extension to continue playing with Russell Wilson. This breakdown takes a look at all of hi…

Jul 05, 2016 Samuel Gold

NYJ Overtime Drive Against NE in Week 16

Holding a seven point lead the Jets offense stalled two times in a row allowing the Patriots to tie up the game. Then, given one last opportunity to move down the field, the Jets were unable to get out of their own territory again and the game was fo…

Jan 03, 2016 Edward Gorelik

Alfred Morris’ Fit in Bill Callahan’s New Blocking Scheme

This article featured on RedskinsCapitalConnection.com. Alfred Morris was drafted by the Redskins in the 6th round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Since Morris entered the league he has been nothing short of dynamic, rushing for over 1,000 yards in three straig…

Sep 07, 2015 Samuel Gold

Beginner Series: Screen Pass

Screen Pass The screen pass is a staple of every professional offense. It is used to combat an aggressive pass rush and to get a safe and consistent 5 or 6 yards. The offenseive linemen let the defense move past them and the quarterback tosses it over …

May 13, 2015 Tyler Hill

Beginner Series: Vertical Stretch Passing

Vertical Stretch Passing The vertical stretch is a very similar concept to the horizontal stretch discussed previously here. The difference is, instead of stretching the defense side to side, the vertical stretches the defense up and down the field. Th…

Apr 09, 2015 Tyler Hill

Beginner Series: Guide to Horizontal Stretch Passing

Horizontal Stretch Passing The zone defense is the most common pass coverage used today in the NFL. It works by having the defenders cover a specific area instead of a specific man. Typically, this leads to better results, because if one defender gets …

Apr 04, 2015 Tyler Hill

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