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Beginner Series: Vertical Stretch Passing

Vertical Stretch Passing The vertical stretch is a very similar concept to the horizontal stretch discussed previously here. The difference is, instead of stretching the defense side to side, the vertical stretches the defense up and down the field. Th…

Apr 09, 2015 Tyler Hill

Beginner Series: Guide to Zone Runs

Zone Running Zone Running is comprised almost entirely of two plays. The Outside Zone shown here with Kansas City vs New England, [gfycat data_id=”EmptyBountifulAmericanavocet”] and the Inside Zone shown here with Dallas vs Philadelphia, …

Mar 25, 2015 Tyler Hill

Beginner Series: Guide to the HB Iso and Power-O

The Iso. Also known as the HB Lead or B.O.B.(Back on Backer), is a basic power running play which requires a fullback. Run out of the I-Formation or its variants (offset, etc.), the Iso is a play designed for one linebacker to be isolated with the FB t…

Mar 20, 2015 Tyler Hill

Beginner Series: Guide to the Zone Read

The Zone Read, also known as the Read-Option, is a simple running play, with two possible outcomes: (1) Either a quarterback keeper, or (2) a hand off to the running back off-tackle. The quarterback makes his decision based on the actions of the backsi…

Mar 17, 2015 Tyler Hill

Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton in the Redskins’ Defense

Terrance Knighton signed with the Redskins after visiting a number of teams hoping to find a large multi-year contract after a record season for the Denver Broncos. This marks the third defensive lineman the Redskins signed this free agency including R…

Mar 13, 2015 Samuel Gold

Stephen Paea and the Redskins’ 3-4 Under Defense

Free agent Stephen Paea signed with the Washington Redskins after completing a personal season best of 6.0 sacks, 11 quarterback hits, and 31 quarterback hurries for the Chicago Bears in 2014. Paea chose the Redskins over Dallas, Detroit, Denver, and T…

Mar 11, 2015 Samuel Gold

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