Scouting Report Breshad Perriman

Scouting Report: Breshad Perriman, WR, Central Florida


Yards After Catch

I think anyone who watches Breshad Perriman can see the immense potential he has in this area. Perriman has power, a large amount of burst, and great long term speed. Although he doesn’t get a lot of chances for YAC because of his catch technique, lack of consistent separation, and lack of Quarterback help in college- it’s worth looking at some of the opportunities he did have.

Here’s a play that shows what could potentially come out of a Perriman that is able to create his own space. Perriman takes no time between catching the ball and transitioning into a runner and takes even less time to go from transition to bursting down the field. Despite his blazing speed, he’s not trying to run down the sideline, he baits the DB into crashing against the line before he cuts upfield just as the DB stops and makes him tackle air. He brings down his shoulder as he crashes into the other DB who’s there to cleanup, but his power and speed pulls him forward another four yards.

Again, Perriman makes a catch, quickly transitions and bursts upfield and lowers his shoulder to make the safety bounce off of him. If Perriman isn’t forced to slow down to catch this ball, he might be able to force a bad angle and burst past the safety entirely.

Pro Comparison and Projections

Pro Comparison: Demaryius Thomas. A developed Perriman would have a similar mix of power and speed, and with his aggressiveness and quick running, he’d be a near clone of Thomas when it comes to YAC. Where Perriman will need the most help in becoming similar to Thomas will be his deep ball skills. Time and a better repertoire with a QB could help him grow into that player.

Draft Projection: Late First.

Pro Projection: Development necessary, not a year one starter. Potential All-Pro.

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