Scouting Report: Ed Oliver, DL, Houston

Here is my scouting report on Ed Oliver, DL out of Houston:

General Comments:

  • Very jumpy and shifty
  • Played against non-P5 for most of his time in college (dominated them)
  • Alignment: 0-tech, 2i-Tech, 3-tech
  • Will need to switch to 3-tech in NFL as he was a nose tackle in college
  • Hands pop the shoulders back of his blocker
  • Always one of the first off the line of scrimmage
  • Brings hips into his tackles. Hits hard.
  • Very instinctual in his pursuit of the ball carrier and quarterback.
  • Uses his hands well to disengage
  • Always around the ball
  • Will miss a tackle, get up and then chase down the RB to make the tackle
  • Effort to chase is elite. Will literally run the whole field sideline to sideline

Pass Rush:

  • Fires quickly out of his stance and has good pop on an initial hand placement bulrush. Not going to collapse the pocket but it allows him to gain hand advantage before shedding to get into the backfield.
  • Gets hands up ready for the QB to throw
  • Understands how to create 1v1 on combo blocks after engaging with the center
  • Dealt with a lot of double teams.
  • Spin counter move.
  • Creates half man relationships.
  • Pass Rush Moves: Club-swim, Club-rip to split double teams with quickness

Pass rush will fail:

  • Light body.
  • Going to lose on length.
  • Great explosion but stalls and can’t convert
  • Gets thrown to the ground too frequently.

Run Defense:

  • Love his pursuit
  • Uses hands well to defeat cut blocks
  • Full extension with quick burst at blockers
  • Uses body to disengage before fully extending out to disengage the blocker
  • Great at knifing into the backfield
  • Great stack and shed to stay frontside of block and make tackles
  • Speed to beat down blocks
  • Violent hands. Love his pop stack and shed
  • Excellent footwork to get in front of zone blocks
  • Incredible quickness and footwork to engage off the snap.
  • Excellent snap timing.
  • Will get blown up on double teams
Samuel Gold

Sam founded NFL Breakdowns after working his way through the journalist farm system and is enjoying life in the big league. Growing up outside of Washington, D.C., Sam didn’t choose the Redskins, the Redskins chose him. Out of a love for the game and an insatiable curiosity to determine why his beloved team was underperforming, Sam turned to studying film in NFL Breakdowns.