Scouting Report: Jawaan Taylor, OL, Florida

Here is my scouting report on Jawaan Taylor, OL out of Florida.

General Comments:

  • Big and long with very strong hands
  • Knows how to use his length.
  • Good hustle to stay in front of blocker with his hands on them.
  • Very high potential blocker.
  • Hand placement gets too high and will hit shoulders and necks.
  • Scouts worry about potential weight gain.

Pass Blocking:

  • Will stall his feet when making impact especially around the edge. This will allow pass rushers to get around him.
  • Once he gets his hands on you, he’ll stall you in place.
  • Loves the double under move to lift an edge rusher’s hand placement
  • Definitely grabby. Will get his hands on a player and won’t let go even when they are outside of his frame. Will get holding calls.
  • Can get beaten on inside moves after setting too far outside.
  • Good step and drive at the defender if he sees the inside move coming.
  • Feel like he would make for a GREAT quick setter in the NFL.
  • Can recover well with good foot quickness.
  • Stays balanced through kick-slides.

Run Blocking:

  • Can get tall at times in his stance when he’s moving to reach a player
  • Can drive block with strength and power in his punches.
  • Really good at using hands to lift and turn a defender’s shoulders.
  • Surprising quickness off the snap to reach block and get to the second level.
  • Keeps working his feet to secure blocks.


  • Mid First Round

NFL Position:

  • Offensive Tackle (Right) in a gap/power scheme
Samuel Gold

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