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NFL Breakdowns is a website devoted to football fans that want to deepen their understanding of the game through film study. The world of football is very overwhelming. Commentators use complicated terms like Cover 2 and Pistol-formation on a routine-basis, but they don’t analyze the game much further than explaining a basic play concept. This is why NFL Breakdowns was created. We wanted to help bridge the gap between most people’s basic understanding of the game to the level of a confident analyst.

Current Staff

We are a staff of passionate football fans who love the game and love analyzing film. It is this passion that helps create these breakdowns.

Samuel Gold – Founder, Editor-In-Chief

Samuel Gold @SamuelRGold nflbreakdowns.com

Sam founded NFL Breakdowns after working his way through the journalist farm system and is enjoying life in the big league. Growing up outside of Washington, D.C., Sam didn’t choose the Redskins, the Redskins chose him. Out of a love for the game and an insatiable curiosity to determine why his beloved team was underperforming, Sam turned to studying film in NFL Breakdowns.

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Guest Contributors

Matt Fries
Dan Syed
Edward Gorelik
Dylan Seals
Derek Willems
Billy Marshall
Matthew Kerns
Tyler Hill
Jeff Kim
Raymond Pang
Timothy High
Ronald Smith